quarry staff

Michael Grose
Lead Pastor
Noah Grose
Worship Pastor
Harrison Crane
Student Ministry Pastor
Katie Rozanas
Quarry Kid's Pastor
Natalie Crane
Director of Operations
Arlyce Elsner-Shea
Dan Lundeen
Property Team Lead
Beth Salonek
Leadership Team Chairperson
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governing board

Jason Crane at Quarry Church
Jason Crane
Adam Razonas at Quarry Church
Adam Rozanas
Heidi Edwards
Tom Wark at Quarry Church
Tom Wark
Ben Watkins at Quarry Church
Ben Watkins
Kristi Metcalf
If you wish to get in contact with the governing board or a specific governing board member,
please email office@quarrychurch.com and let us know what we can help you with.