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The purpose of Quarry Kids is to glorify God by reaching children with the gospel and encouraging them to develop a real and growing relationship with Jesus. At Quarry Kids we offer a safe, fun, and age-appropriate environment for kids to learn about God. Our goal each Sunday is to create an atmosphere where your kids can grow more in their relationship with Jesus and develop friendships with others.

Sunday with Quarry Kids

Additional Resources

bible plans for families
From three-day reads to year-long studies, discover a new way to explore the Bible as a family with these YouVersion plans.
bible app for kids
Help your kids fall in love with God’s word. Kid friendly navigation, Animated storybook app for smartphones and tablets, Games and activities to help kids remember what they’ve learned.
parent cue
We’re not an encyclopedia or exhaustive training course on making your kids “turn out”. This blog is a cue. A prompt. Because really, we know you’re already busy doing all you can to invest in your kids and help them on their way to adulthood. But it’s not always easy to stay focused. Our goal is to make it easy for you to remember what’s important.
The Substance Moms blog is a place of encouragement, hope, and humor! It has posts on inspirational motherhood, hacks and humor, as well as devotionals with reflection questions.
bible app for kids
The Bible App for Kids is so much more than an app. Find episodes to stream or download and fun downloadable resources to help your kids fall in love with God.
When thinking through what online church services could look like, the team at Highlands Church made a specialized effort to create an incredible experience for children. The children’s services include full worship, values, a lesson, and small group time.
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Check below for Netflix recommendations!
The Apostle Matthew is highlighted in this word-for-word film adaptation of the former tax collector’s Biblical writings about working with Jesus.
Word-for-word Bible texts of the entire book of Luke are narrated and re-enacted in this epic production of the Gospel’s accounts of Jesus’ life.
In the first of four word-for-word film adaptations, Aramic-speaking actors recreate the stories of Jesus’ life from the fourth gospel.
A retelling of the biblical story of Joseph as chronicled in the book of Genesis (chapters 37 and 39-46).
Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and their veggie pals venture beyond the kitchen counter in these playful adventures with christian themes.
With exciting trips to the big city, the ski slopes and beyond, the Veggie friends expand their horizons and learn valuable faith-based.
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Check below for Prime Video recommendations!
Superbook teaches children timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend. The familiar and the futuristic interact with ancient people, places and events to create a sense of wonder, anticipation, empowerment, and personal breakthrough as the children witness God's interaction with man.
Adventures in Odyssey is a series that uses imagination, story-telling, and faith-building entertainment designed for kids ages 8-12.
dadAWESOME is a weekly Substance Church podcast that adds LIFE to the dad life. Join a community of dads that are living fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.
Parent Cue Live is a weekly podcast featuring parenting experts designed to help parents do family better.
Episodes for kids: This half-hour adventure for kids (ages 6-12) follows Lizarardo “Liz” Lacerta and his reptilian friends in the little town of Terrene. Designed to help children find their own roles in God’s big story, the program is supported by a lively website featuring audio Bible stories, episode devotions, and more.
Podcast for kids: Find adventure, fun, and music in Wildwood! Journey into an exciting world where the truths of God's Word are shared by a cast of lovable animal characters and the lessons learned are entertaining and life-changing. On the radio each week or in your podcast player app, Paws and Tales helps children grasp essential life lessons in a fun and memorable way.
Podcast for kids: Have you ever wondered why God included certain stories in the Bible? The Bible is meant to show us Jesus and his glorious gospel, yet often we get stuck focusing only on Bible heroes or bad guys with our kids. In each episode, Alicia Yoder storytells a passage from the Bible, looks at the choices that were made and how God is at work, and then shows how God does the same for us--only better--in Jesus.
Orange Kids Music: Worship playlists for your Toddler through PreK aged kids.
Spotify Playlist for Elementary: Worship playlists for your Elementary age kids.
An award-winning audio drama series created for kids ages 8-12 and enjoyed by the whole family. Episodes last an average of twenty-five minutes and are perfect for car rides. The episodes teach lasting truths and bring biblical principles to life, with just the right balance of fun, faith and imagination.
bible app for kids
Help your kids fall in love with God’s word. Kid friendly navigation, Animated storybook app for smartphones and tablets, Games and activities to help kids remember what they’ve learned.
parent cue
The Parent Cue App helps every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future.
Crafts and activities for your Toddler and PreK kids that follow along with the monthly curriculum.
Games and at home activities to do with your kids!
Katie Rozanas at Quarry Church

Meet our Kids Pastor!

Katie Rozanas has a passion for partnering with parents and teaching kids about Jesus. Here are a few other fun facts about Katie:

  • - Graduated with a BFA from North Dakota State in 2013
  • - Married to Adam for 4 years, and has a rescue pup, Rosie
  • - Current Abstract Artist and previous professional actor in the Twin Cities
  • - Love of travel, making music, reading and thrifting