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We stopped half way down the mountain by this beautiful brook surrounded by hundreds of feet of solid rock . I asked each of the students to spend some time with God and I did the same. As I was meditating on Luke 19 : 39 - 41, it became apparent that God was calling me to be a rock.


In the passage, Jesus is riding triumphantly into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. The crowds were going crazy. In a desperate attempt to silence the celebration, a group of Pharisees approached Jesus and asked him to make the crowds be quiet. His response was my calling. He said, "If they are quiet, then the rocks will cry out"

At that moment it was as if God were speaking directly to me.

"Michael", he said, "my people are silent. I need the rocks to cry out and you are one of those rocks".
"was honored but knew I couldn’t do it alone. So as I sat in isolation, I asked God’s "We need more rocks. Where do we get more rocks?"
"The answer came immediately. You get rocks from a quarry. But, I didn’t know what to do with God’s message for quite some time".

The day came when I felt God’s call to plant a church. As I thought of a name, God gently reminded me of our time together in the canyon outside of Albuquerque. God wanted a church of rocks that cried out to him.

The quarry is a perfect analogy of what the church should be.

The quarry is a place where you seek to find rocks.