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Apocalyptic Literature

One of the greatest gifts we have as a people is God’s Word, the Bible. Unlike most books that are read through and placed on a shelf, the Bible is intended to be read and reread, thoughtfully, prayerfully considered and internalized. However, most of us treat the Bible like a first sip of coffee. It seems bitter and generally unpleasant. Over this six-week series, Sweeter Than Honey, we are going to accentuate the beauty and relevance of the Bible by highlighting the major biblical genres in the Old Testament. Knowing how to read the Bible will help you uncover its grandeur and the glory of its primary author. Realize for yourself what the psalmist knew firsthand, “your words are sweeter in my mouth than honey.”

Speaker: Michael Grose

June 16, 2024

Revelation 6:12-13

Michael Grose

Lead Pastor

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